In response to COVID-19, Amplifier and our partners are launching an emergency campaign with top art curators and public-health advisors from around the world.  
We are currently looking for symbols that help promote mental health, well-being, and social change work during these stressful times.  We are also looking for work that can envision the world we know is possible on the other side of this pandemic. What will we take with us and what will we leave behind?  Show us your vision for that new world! 
In solidarity with our global community of artists, we will award $1,000 apiece to 60 artists, with new winning works announced each week through May 8th. These artworks will be distributed widely, both online and in the physical locations where they are needed most. All art selected by our jury will also be made available as free downloads for anyone to print and share.
YOUR art has power. Art can heal, art can save lives, and art can bring us together even while we are apart. It can be a compass to guide us through this storm. This is your chance to make work that will be distributed worldwide and will inspire us all to stay strong, safe, and united.
These symbols will stand long after the virus is gone as a testament to our resilience. Please join us in this historic moment by submitting!
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Guest Curators

We begin this open call with some of the greatest artistic minds in the world, and will add rotating curators throughout the month of April from public health professionals to stewards of global peace.

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We are grateful for the generosity of our partners who made this campaign possible:

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Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to our open call for art! Please make sure to read through the following requirements thoroughly before submitting. Artwork that is not related to the themes or does not meet the requirements is subject to be deleted at our discretion.

We are looking for two kinds of work: The first are public health and safety messages that can help flatten the curve through education. The second are symbols that help promote mental health, well-being, and social change work during these stressful times. 


Artists can submit up to eight artworks per campaign
Artwork should be created as VERTICALS:

For uploading to the Amplifier site for submission:
Raster files formats – JPG, PNG
Low resolution version
150dpi and no more than 2mb

*Selected artists will be asked to submit high resolution version of submitted artwork:
Printable at 18×24 inches (3:4 ratio)
High resolution – vector files preferred, at least 300 PPI for raster file
Acceptable file formats: TIFF, JPG, EPS, AI, PDF, PSD
– Ideal file formats: EPS, AI and TIFF
CMYK color profile preferred
– Artwork created in RGB are subject to color shifts when printed

Include a statement about the artwork that is 100 words or less

Artwork not related to the theme of the open call will be deleted.

You are submiting your artwork to the GLOBAL OPEN CALL FOR ART campaign.
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