Sasha Speer

20 Dollar Hugs

Lately I’ve been reflecting on our values as a society and how they relate to the world we have created. In the middle of this global quarantine, we are seeing skies clear, dolphins and bears where there haven’t been in a long time, and people reaching out to loved ones they haven’t made time for lately. I think a question to consider is, What sickness have we created thats is having our Earth and our hearts be out of balance? Where could we place our values to restore a healthy state of both human and Earth? I’m not proposing we all give up worldly possessions (hey, I LOVE my shoes too!), I’m simply suggesting that we re-stack the order. What if there was a monetary value placed on everyday acts of kindness, generosity and love? What if those values were part of the corporations we buy from? The quarterly reports would be profit and loss, yes, but with that representing the things that are inherent to our thriving even more, things that last and give ripple effects of joy...
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