UNFK the World: Global Call for Parody Art

Big corporations are making the world less livable, driving the climate crisis and poisoning our children. It's in your cereal, your cookies, your soda, and it's time to advertise what is really happening. #UNFKEarth is a movement to hold these corporations accountable, make them clean up their messes, and create a better environment and economy for all. Working collaboratively with UNFK, we are offering $50k in awards to artists who can help create parody products and advertisements to call out these harmful practices. Together, we can prank corporations, challenging them to do the right thing. Full Creative Brief Here. Click the link below to sign up, submit your artwork, and join the movement now until September 24th!

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We begin this open call with some of the greatest artistic and activist minds in the world, and will add rotating curators throughout August and September from environmental activists to internationally celebrated artists.

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