Annalisa Barron

A Hug Apart

I live alone and when I do go out it is wonderful to see people but also a little stranger every time with more and more people wearing protective gear. I was lucky enough to have the first person (on day 2 maybe?) that moved away from me sign "hug" and nod to me as they backed up. It felt like a warm way to show affection but also respect for keeping a distance. I have seen a few more people do it and I like it as a way to deal with situations where you don't mean to offend but you want to observe what we're supposed to do to stay healthy. Also, Andrew Cuomo is a big part of my day now and some of the things he's said resonate with me, especially when they are a call to keep our spirits up like Excelsior ("Ever Upward") which is the New York state moto apparently. The rose is our state (NY) flower and the daisies are a "get well" wish both for people who are sick and people who are grieving.
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