Global Call for Art

This pandemic can end but only if we can get the world #vaccinated!

Working collaboratively with Team Halo, we are offering $100,000 in awards to artists to help us build this campaign. Hospitals and public health institutions around the world will then help distribute these messages where they are needed the most.

We invite your works on the following topics:

The sooner we all get Vaccinated the sooner we can (fill in the blank)
No one is safe until we are all safe
We can get back to the life/moments/people we miss
Trust vaccines
Vaccines are safe and effective
Vaccines for all
Vaccines for victory
It’s up to you
✌️ for #Vaccinated

These symbols will stand long after the virus is gone as a testament to our resilience. Please join us in this historic moment by submitting!

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We are grateful for the generosity of our partners who made this campaign possible: