Rylee Breese

Against All Odds

The inspiration for this piece was from a family friend who became a nurse only weeks before the Covid19 outbreak hit the nation. She was not only thrown directly into being a front line essential worker but she was forced to reschedule her wedding due to quarantine guidelines. My family and I were lucky enough to not have our lives disrupted in a big way and seeing people like her put their all into taking care of others each day makes me even more appreciative of their hard work. I wanted this piece to represent the good and the bad that this virus has brought out of us. The bold colors are to represent that there is still hope and happiness out there in the near future while the black and grey are to represent the grieving families that are struggling to get by. The newspaper and magazine cutouts are there to give a sense of what is happening at this time. The silhouette of our family friend is to represent all of the essential workers that were suddenly thrown into this pandemic and are having to be away from their families.
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