All I could Manage

'This is All I could Manage Today and That's OK' acrylic on paper Right now, able bodied people will be experiencing a fraction of the emotional turmoil chronically ill and disabled people go through their whole lives. Grief from not seeing loved ones, loneliness, fear, disenfranchisement, poverty, and an inaccessible society. I learnt from a young age to give a silent 'f* you' to a system which values worth by how useful a cog in the system you are. Whatever you're feeling right now, accept those feelings as valid and know they are part of your process and growth. Being thrown into a new life overnight is a shock to the self and time is needed to process and adapt. But adapt you will. If all you managed to do today is shower then that's just fine. Know that You Are Enough. When you accept that truth, you will have peace no matter what life throws at you ♥️
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