Madisyn Quary-Cattani

Alone Together

In my piece, I wanted to express that we can alway find the positive, even in the most dismal of times. I believe this message to be one of the most important, because it can help to keep us not only sane but happy. My intention was to use bright colors to portray the idea of unconventional happiness. I decided to use contrasting yellow/oranges with blues so the colors would pop, and used similar shades for the figures clothing making the sides analogous. I decided to go with simplistic marks so it was more about the message than the artwork itself. I wanted to incorporate social distancing somehow, and decided over the phone was a good way to symbolize being together even though we are apart. Even though things may seem bleak, we still have each other to lean on. I love the directness of this concept in my artwork, it is simple yet powerful.
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