Sara Kenward

Always Be Kind

NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE VISIBLE. Now more than ever, it is important to treat everyone with compassion, kindness, and respect. This especially relates to the COVID-19 pandemic because many chronic conditions cause individuals to be at increased risk of complications from the virus. Although someone may look and seem healthy on the outside, we cannot assume anything about other people’s health status based on appearance. It is very likely that you have friends, family, and loved ones who are immunocompromised, even if their health condition is not visible. This is one of a series of graphics I’ve created for the COVID-19 Student Support Instagram. This allows me to incorporate my passions for art and design with community engagement and social justice. I am fascinated by what lies at the intersection of art, design, and positive social change. I understand that art is a valuable part of cross-cultural understanding, as it empowers and brings people together. Follow @covid19studentsupport for meaningful and helpful content!
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