Gregg Deal

Indigenous Flag 1

Originally the “Indigenous Flag” was set up as a piece in response to all the various flags that exist in response to different social movements, particularly those on the right that are created to instill a sense of nationalism and allegiance to movements or ideas that specifically belittle and contribute to the disadvantaged groups that are fighting for equality. Indigenous people obviously fit in this space. The symbols on the flag are basket patterns from my tribe and region, but still speak to the synchronicity that exists between different Tribal communities. It hangs upside down as a symbol of the American flag that usually hangs in the same way, a symbol of distress, and a symbol used throughout Indigenous civil rights movements in the 60’s and 70’s and beyond. These are recognizable things that are a part of the make up of Indigenous movements for equal rights and consideration. This layout is red, a color often accepted and perceived as a good representation of the people. This is not about skin color, or the derogatory words often associated with such things, but the historical use of red and the way it has come to exist in representation of our people.
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