Laxman Shrestha


Object Placement: An ant and the rolling wheel, eye vision in centre Cause: COVID 19 Pandemic made the people shock, to give empathy to community Meaning of Mural: During the spread of COVID19 everywhere in the world Nepal was busy till 23rd March 2020. The mural was created few days back before lockdown. This mural came into being to create hope among the many hopeless hearts. We wanted to convey the message to people to do something like an ant. This tiny creature remains always busy for its survival. Even in difficulties it is active. We humane can’t do anything against nature. The deadly virus has become nature’s deadliest weapon to threaten human existence. Moreover, we have to remain in home totally creating social distancing with our fellow human. That is why artist Laxman Shrestha has created hope in the mural so, that every individual ought to do something to remain active at home along with the family. Let the life go smoothly through the mural.
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