Jennie Tudor Gray

Be Kind To Your Mind: Promote Mental Health Awareness

This design aspires to remind others that it is important to not only dedicate time to taking care of your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. Our mind, bodies, and spirits are all interdependent. When we avoid being kind and nurturing to one, the others get off balance and cause illness and disease. Learning how to be kind and compassionate to yourself on a daily basis by noticing any negative self talk is a lifelong journey for many of us. We all have an inner critic but we also contain the ability to turn that critic into a neutral observer. We can ask for help with this and do not have to force this using our own willpower. When we take time to observe our thoughts without judgment, we learn how to be kinder to our mind. The more compassion we are able to cultivate for ourselves, the more compassion we will harvest for others and the world. Inner peace leads to world peace. This design is intended to act as a visual reminder and to raise awareness that our mental health is worth it. WE are worth it. We are enough.
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