Varsha Sureka

Be The Change

‘Be The Change’ There's a lot that has been going around the outbreak of the novel coronavirus or Covid-19, but let's take a moment and see the other side of it. Through this artwork of mine, I want to take the opportunity to spread a strong message among everyone. This is not just a fight against the Covid-19 but against everything evil that includes the pollution, people endlessly moving around the clock having hardly any time for themselves, the crimes against women, the murders and killings, the inhuman elements of the society and so on. This time will never come back again and we've a Beatiful Morning to be painted. It's completely in our hands. This artwork portrays the same and shows how we can paint out a beautiful world curbing out all the negativity. I hope to have you all join hands with me, to work towards it and not just long for the change, but Be The Change.
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