Stephanie Day-McGann

Be The Voice CovidCat

When I first learned about Covid-19, I started researching pandemics and found that the most deadly, contagious, and unpredictable are Zoonotic viruses, meaning they are spread from animal to human. Covid-19 is a Zoonotic virus that is suspected to have originated from bat crossed with another species, which were likely to be from a Wet Market in Wuhan. The close quarters of multiple animal species is a breeding ground for Zoonotic type viruses and have caused past contagion like the 1918 Flu, SARS, MERS, Aids, and Ebola. My goal is to help bring awareness of the mistreatment of animals, highlighting their lack of rights and voice with the symbol of a cat wearing a mask. The treatment of animals in the meat industry has a knock on effect with what we are experiencing with the current pandemic situation. If we can all stand up for animal rights, perhaps we can save humanity from causing future pandemics by starting from the source of contagion.
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