Molly Hauptman

Better Days

"My art displays the message that better days are ahead of us. Every part of my art has meaning. I chose a house because right now we are all stuck inside. The sunrise illustrates the idea that although it may feel like we are in the dark of night right now the sun will rise again soon. I chose to have an arrow in the upper right corner as a symbol for mental health. One of my role models has an arrow tattoo on her forearm. She has the arrow as a symbol for mental health because an arrow must be pulled back before it can go forwards. When you struggle with mental health sometimes it feels like you are being pulled back, but it is important to realize that you will get through the hard time and be "shot" into better days. I applied this idea to my art (the fact that right now the corona virus pandemic is pulling us back, but we will be "shot" forward soon and we will be even better than before) for two reasons. First, to showcase the fact that we WILL get through this and better days are ahead. And secondly, to incorporate mental health into my art. Mental health is a very important topic that is close to my heart. Although it is always important to talk about mental health and it should be talked about in health at school, right now it is even more vital. I want people to realize that it is so, so important to text your friends and family and check in. And even if they say they are okay, call them, tell them you love them, tell them they matter, and that we will get through this, tell them they are not alone. I don't think people realize how life-saving all of that can be for someone who is in a dark place. Hearing the words "you matter" help so much. My art piece may be very simple, but it is very important to me and I think it conveys a deeper message that isn't being addressed enough in this time." --Caitlin Duffy, 8th Grade Student
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