Sen Mendez

Beyond Our Bodies & Dimension!

We are beyond our bodies & dimensions. Our future will be full of Queer, Disabled, Trans, Nonbinary, Fat Liberated Black & Indigenous People. We are still here! I wanted to capture the fight to access EQUITABLE Health Care more than ever! Our immunocompromised and disabled communities are left without health care to be disposed and not given the treatment needed! We will not allow capitalism to kill us! We will survive and continue to live through this and We are still here stronger than ever!!! Digital Illustration by Queen Sen Sen 2020. My intentions for this image is to envision the future that includes the communities listed. Currently our health care system chooses to neglect said communities. We are watching increasing death rates of our communities that deserve equitable health care without fear of being disposed. I envision a future where the communities listed could be liberated of that fear. I envision disabled communities to thrive in the future because we are already searching for a solution. I envision the future to have housing, health care, careers, food and education accessible to all beings regardless of social constructs such as race, class, and gender. I envision a future where there are no prisons so our communities can heal through humanization and being treated as human. I envision a future where health care will be granted to anyone in need of care regardless of preexisting conditions. This is my vision for the future. Power to the People! - Queen Sen Sen
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