Biti's Vietnam

Biti’s Hunter – Yêu Là Đủ 1

Small Country. Big Love.​ Truly a home for #DiDeTroVe​ Our small country rises in this period of toughness where care, love, compassion are rare to be found (over fear and selfishness) and even harder to be found unconditional, and this country truly stays as a home to our people and the people needing support. A tiny versus other giants but definitely shines, not inferior but superior in the way of protecting and caring people.​ Never has this country witnessed that huge positivity, that huge love, Việt Nam Là Nhà, Vietnam Tuyệt Vời, Việt Nam là Nhất from their people domestically and all over the world.​ Never before standing on the feets, stepping up as a Vietnamese that pride worthy. #Proudly Made in Vietnam! ​ And as the brand has been standing for and pushing further #proudlymadeinVietnam, and also the brand of driving positivity and embracing perspectives, Biti’s Hunter collabs with one of our Brand Ambassadors Viet Max stepping up for such spirits to celebrate the pride towards our country, and calling for communities to join.​
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