Bleaching World Ecology

There has never been a better time to rebuild our world ecology then now! Colonialism corresponded with the establishment of a dominating way of living enforced by systems constructed during British world economic dominance-which is why I decided to depict the continent in a distorted way, at the centre of the four acrylic paintings. The creation of the nation-state led to global, industrial and technological innovations that were controlled by supremacists. Neoliberalism as a global system transformed everything and ethnocentrism became the foundation of Canadian identity. The construction of citizenship involves the normalization of hierarchal social constructs regarding race, class and gender among others. These persisting ideologies not only oppress people but also persecute the environment and surrounding ecosystems. The continual elevation of neocapitalism responds with strengthened colonial discourses in public sectors as well as the prioritization of profit. When we dismiss the existing White supremacy of powerhouses in political, economic, environmental and cultural industries, we accept social inequality as natural. Privatization has corrupted our health, education, criminal justice system and the only way to dismantle these systems is to change the questions, categories, and campaigns from the ground up.
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