Mona Kurdi

[Breath In – Breath Out ]

If you do not know what an anxiety attack is , it might vary from one person to another , however the basic symptoms are the same : - Shortness in breath - Fuzzy vision - Dizziness - Numb feeling in forehead- arms and legs - Elevated heart rate - Sweaty palms - Hot and cold flashes The list may go on . The reasons on the other hand are sometimes an internal subconscious message that tells you , YOU ARE NOT OKAY ! Your body has its own alert system , that when mentally / emotionally you are not okay it transforms into a physical reaction. That’s only when you have pushed your self to the limit and need to calm the Duck down! I found a way to handle my anxiety, it will come , but I managed. I grounded my self , strengthened my foundation , worked on my spirituality ( not just religiously , more like my connection with my soul ) , counted my blessings , read more , eliminated the toxins in my life ( they( friends, food, places , thoughts ) aren’t bad , but they were bad for me . I found that sage and lavender were my best friends , and made sure I belonged to something and vice versa. And I wrote all my thoughts down , hence my journal and this illustration. Love you all . M.
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