Anirudh Kadav

BREATHE(Design Fights Covid)

'The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength' In my opinion, mental health is the most overlooked aspect of human nature. Seldom we give it the attention it deserves. No amount of wealth guarantees ones well being and current global scenario is a reflection of the same. Now when the world is facing a, what seems to be an immortal enemy, no amount of wealth or militia is enough to fight it. In these times, when people are forced to be at home, take a step back and reflect. As much effort is being put in maintaining and enhancing physical strength, try and focus on your inner peace as well. What makes you happy? A question, to which most of us have an answer to, but rarely do we act on it. We have always been too pre occupied with things and troubles, which now do not seem to matter as much. So let's take a deep breathe, and focus on what is more important - YOU. Be the change you wish to see in the world. World peace, begins at Inner peace. Stay Positive. Stay Home. Stay Safe
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