Lynn Conner


BUNNY BABE DIVESTS then INVESTS in COMPASSION: empathy is sacred https://www.facebook.com/coyotessa/videos/10158520230509114/UzpfSTY0ODMwNDExMzoxMDE1ODU1NTQ0NjkyOTExNA/ Bunny Babe "PERFECT TIME TO DIVEST!!" "YAH!!" grabs all her money from FOSSIL FUEL enabling; environment destroying entities "MAAAAANNNGGGG, THAT FELT FANTASTIC!!" strolls down the desolate streets of obsolete, greed serving capitalistic domains from the corner of her left eye, a little out of focus & blurry::: "Oh! a vlnerable, little homeless bunny fam!?" her heart is immediately POC OPEN... she gives a few dollars.."Ewwwooah that FELT GREAT!" "Ah, what a sweet pink bunny baby!" gives more "SHAZAAAHH! THAT FELT GOOD!!! notices a lil half breed kid (froggie/bunnikins hybrid) next to pink baby bunbuns; Bunny Babe: gleefully "THERE'S ROOM FOR ALLLLLLL OF US!!" gives more and more...DIVESTS ALL her funds to help homeless ~~POSITIVITY BALLS APPEAR & PLAY~~ Bunny Babe notices a PIGEON relative dancing by Bunny Babe grabs her POWOW shawl & joins in she dances hard, her hips swing & sway, her long FREAK fringe & BRAIDS fly high in 'MAD' RESISTANCE ~~FILLED WITH GRATITUDE & JOY~~ she bows to honor her new HOMEFUL fam!! & all struggling against oppression everywhere, MMIW/IP, WATER PROTECTORS & ALLIES & all who STAND for COMPASSION $&$ LOVE she notices Coyotrixster slyly voyeuring the scene (aka surveilance) she & fam chime "Hey, welcome to COMMUNITY bro, we've missed you on these streets we "OTHER' beings have taken back." Bunny Babe coyly INFILTRATES his thang & TURNS him, embraces & carries him away in CONSCIOUS LOVE! lalalalalalaalalalalalaalaaaaa! thank you camcoyotrixster: Rudradeep Chakrabarti THANKYOU FOR SUPPORTING LIVING ARTIVISTS WE KEEP LIFE LOVING http://radicalmedicine.bandcam.com radicalmedicine.org theatremovementinternational.org paypal.me/decoygallerina decoy gallerina on youtube, ig, fb
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