vivian Regueros

Call of Hope

My intention through this image is mainly to create an uplifting and hopeful sensation on the viewer; the central image is a water mandala: Water as a principle of life and fluidity, of ease and renewal... The women through their different colors represent diverse ethnicities as well as the four cardinal points, options, different directions; At the center, The feminine principle: grounded, nourishing, contending with two forces represented by the fish: trouble and ease, yet surrounded by the circle of eternal renewal and continuum which is Life itself, that always brings resolution. Breath and Trust compose the vertical column: Breath 5th chakra- heaven- aspiration, Trust 2nd chakra- groundedness- abundance- belonging, in corresponding colors. On the horizontal axis Hope and Love, as two wings or open arms, in green and pink, colors related to the 4th chakra, of the Heart. Breathing in Trust, aided by Hope and Love, we find our way amidst dark times, a journey from North to South, from left to right, as a luminous route, a seal of protection; triangles abound in the image representing vortexes of positive energy, unending action, the Joy that awaits us...
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