Megan Zabrecky

Chalk for Hope

When looking for inspiration for my poster, I geared my attention towards the children of the world right now. In my neighborhood and community specifically, people on Facebook have been constantly posting about having their kids write uplifting messages on their sidewalks with chalk. Many pictures have been posted and many of those who have taken a walk have recognized the positivity these small messages bring to them throughout their day. A lot of children are going through a very difficult time right now during this pandemic. I know of a parent who has reached out for videos of encouragement as her child seems to have become severely depressed. I wanted to aim my design towards those children who may have lost a sense of hope as the upcoming months lead us closer and closer to summer. Many events have already been cancelled leaving all of us with little or nothing to look forward to. However, my hope is that with the sunshine and happiness that is always held close to the summer months can shed light towards the end of this pandemic. I wanted to keep my design simple, especially speaking on the typeface I chose on the right side of the poster, wanting to imitate that of a child’s handwriting in chalk.
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