Janet Lightbody

Choose your vibration

Choose your vibration Inspired by the 2017 AfrikaBurn theme: Play, the high vibration bracelet was born as a gift and reminder of intention. Equally desirable as a clay adornment, as traditionally worn in Africa. Focussed attention and thoughts manifest real results and can harnessing this can be considered a power_so the artist chose super heros and comics. A gold plated clasp and leather strap is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease. Emotions get momentum as we feed them both positively and negatively_ Energy in motion. Wear your high vibration bracelet as a reminder that you get to choose the energy that you give movement to and in doing so create your own reality. *Some high vibration habits: meditation, grounding, walks in nature, trees, raw foods, singing, chanting, love, forgiveness, truth, integrity
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