Annemarie Barrett

Clarity in Crisis

I am learning that in crisis, we gain clarity. Through the lens of this global COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are seeing more clearly the inequalities in our society, the people losing their jobs, health insurance and sense of security and the unjust suffering of those who never had those securities to begin with, the undocumented workers, and people who are incarcerated or homeless. We are seeing more clearly the consequences of global imperial powers investing more money in war profiteering and corporate bailouts instead of public health infrastructure. We are realizing that capitalism cannot save even the richest country from feeling the effects of a crisis. But we are also gaining a clearer vision of the alternatives we desperately need to confront the crises yet to come, the movements toward mutual aid and greater solidarity across different life experiences. We are imagining and connecting and creating alternatives together. We are growing more resilient and gaining clarity in our vision of a more just and liberated future every day. This piece represents a vision for the social changes we need to make our communities more resilient during this current crisis and the crises yet to come. That vision includes the organization of mutual aid efforts and redirecting resources to marginalized communities, abolishing the prison industrial complex and investing in localized sustainable food systems that nourish the needs of our communities. Thank you for considering my work.
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