Noah Poirier

“Cleaning to Conquer”

I wanted to portray an image of the current crisis that highlights the power and influence that us normal, everyday people have to make a difference. Just by staying clean, washing our hands, sanitizing to prevent cross-contamination- all of this is so easy to do, and makes such a huge difference. This is a serious pandemic, and should be treated as such, but I hope my illustration will inspire a little bit of humor and child-like enthusiasm within them to feel empowered and do their part in fighting this epidemic. Given how vital it is for us all to be clean and hygienic during all of this, A sentient bottle of soap standing heroically over a defeated corona virus monster, felt like a charming way fir me to illustrate just how such a small task (being cleanliness) can have such a positive impact in defeating this threat. Ideally,I want every one of us to feel like a hero just by doing our part in staying sanitary. It may be a bit corny, but that is how I hope people view themselves during all of this. Each and everyone of us had the ability to fight this thing. Doing our part to keep our fellow humans safe, is heroism in my book.
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