Olympia Altimir

Compassion, a Weapon of Mass Healing

These days have been pretty dark for everyone in different ways, but I’ve been inspired by my dear friend Chitra who is a speech language pathologist working in a hospital and this pandemic hasn’t stopped her or her will to help others. She’s been working with her patients all this time despite the high risk of being infected and the lack of protective resources in hospitals. And after that she comes home and cooks for a non-profit who feeds the homeless. Her and many other immigrants are working extremely hard and under a lot of stress to keep this country running, setting an example and leading with love. This poster is also a reminder that the U.S. military budget is disproportionate when you take into account that civilians are not protected from internal threads. We are protected by nuclear shields, but there aren’t enough masks in hospitals, which shows that the system needs to be restructured. The World Health Organization had evidence that a pandemic was about to happen for years, and there were no systems in place to protect people. This is a call for action to stay strong and keep building our community. We can’t trust or rely on the current administration, but it’s our responsibility to cultivate and promote the values that make this society beautiful.
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