Rafael Medeiros


The intention of this campaign is to spread positive and important words during this crisis. They are available for free for people to repost, share, tag, tweet, use it on their blog post, use it on their instagram page – basically spread the right words in anyway they can. I hope collaborating with Amplifier will help this project reach more people. Every piece suggests things to do at home that bring the outside world inside in a poetic way. The idea is to stimulate imagination and present concepts that make people think outside the ordinary. In every illustration there is a second layer of meaning. A digital version is available to the public here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1jZgum9cNqPpxDUq-2FAW_zOpnbYHYE3_QhUicxZEZ90/edit?usp=sharing Thank you Rafael www.rafaelmfvo.com
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