Khilali Marquez

Coriolis illusion

A Coriolis illusion is easily described as a dizzy feeling caused by abrupt head movement that can give the illusion that the room is spinning. To represent this feeling I painted a series of facial expressions (that can be described as, but not limited to, frustration, stress, and anxiety) overlapping each other to create the idea of dizziness. My main focus is mental health and how I can accurately depict a feeling relatable to most people. Being that illusions are a distortion in the mind, it does have closely to do with ones mental health. Not everybody needs to experience this distortion or be clinically diagnosed to relate to the emotions portrayed in the painting. I chose to depict this feeling because something like dizziness isn’t something commonly expected to see in a discussion about mental health, therefore broadening people’s perspective on what that can be. To further describe the painting, I included a rorschach. A Rorschach is a psychological test that uses an inkblot to test a persons traits and emotional tendencies. In the case of the painting I wanted the rorschach to set a dark mood, setting the overall emotion of the painting. While the inkblot is open to interpretation, my own intention was for it to be a dark demonic figure overlooking this persons thoughts.
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