Anita Glesta


Still from an animation: https://anitaglesta.com/animations CORONA TSUNAMI is a still that is from a series I have been working on for the last few years about our shared identities through our inner organs. shortly before the virus hit the east coast of the USA, I began to move from the heart and the brain to what it means when a virus, a foreign substance, enters our system. I am a multi media artist and while my work of the last few years have more often been large-scale outdoor public works, my current works explore the intimacy of our inner lives through visceral interpretations or inner organs. These explorations take their forms through a variety of mediums such as multi channel videos including my own animations as well as painting and sculpture. Integrating social concerns into my work as a visual artist has been paramount to my vision over the course of the more than three decades I have been exhibiting. The shared thread in my public works has been to make more scalable and accessible the experience of life changing global events. In doing this kind of large-scale public work I strive to galvanize community around these issues. During the last two years, I have been working with more intimate concerns. I want people to see and feel the mysterious trajectory of how the brain threads its way through our bodies. I have been working on a series of multi-media works that address what triggers our neurons to fire emotional responses. In my current body of work I address the range of connections within the complex relationships of our brains to our hearts, our endocrine system, and our sexuality. These works are a personal search to discover what triggers the neurons to fire emotional responses. I create multi-channel video and multi- media works to explore the intersection between my “internal physical self, our shared internal systems and therefore, what it means to be human. anitaglesta.com
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