Russell Mariano

Covid Bug

The Magic Bug represents a viral molecule. It’s origin was with the HIV virus. The concept was to identify with the virus and create a sense of compassion, community and love. To create a playful molecular symbol. Vibrant colors were chosen to convey a happy, positive feeling. The possitive attributes of the Magic Bug has evoled to symbolizing Love rather than HIV. Love is the virus. Each molecule represents an individual. When composed in an abstract manner it suggests that we all are uniquiley different yet part of the whole. It can look organized or chaotic, but one way or another, we are all interconnected. If you catch the Magic Bug, the symptoms of love and compassion are infectious. It may ultimately spread and infect those around you. It’s up to you. This virus won’t kill you, but it can certainly cause you to feel happy. The Corona virus pandemic has similarities to the reaction of the HIV virus when it first hit. I’ve learned from the Magic Bug that THIS is the time to have love and compassion for you’re fellow human being. Notice our differences, appreciate them and spread the love. Love is the virus!
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