Harita Arora


The following artwork portrays the problems faced during lockdown by a lot of us related to our minds. Not a lot of people out there have the opportunity to be aloud about their problems and we need to address this problem before it's to late. The other half of the poster is dependent on HOPE, the pandemic, the mind chaos will be over and we will have rainbows once again. This artwork has been created by keeping the vision of hope and not letting it fade, we are all in this together and we will stand together till the end!! Being together, supporting each other is the most humble yet the most important thing to be done right now. It's time to fight, time to fight the disease, time to fight what's in the head, time to be calm, time to be safe, time to get up, time to fight!! They say "Que Sara Sara" : "Whatever will be will be" The future's not ours to see!! Everything will be okay, we will be fine, we will have Rainbows once again!!
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