Natalie Muyet

unsung hero

I painted a health care worker with an image of my face to inspire others to imagine themselves in their shoes. It is a tough, but rewarding job. The job can be damaging to one mentally,physically and spiritually, but like in most biblical stories you have to sacrifice yourself to help others for a better living. I gave her a halo because she is doing jesus-like ways.I gave her a determine kind of look. Because despite the crisis she's giving it all she got to help out. I mixed it with my urban roots and mixed the love for graffiti that reads" stay home " to reach out a wider range of an audience.AND Bring ATTENTION to URBAN AREAS THEY ARE MOST AFFECTED sadly. I placed in the newspaper an ad of the pandemic and shortage of medical supplies. Because it just crazy to hear shortage of medical supplies in hospitals. This crisis causes stress and panic to the world, but like this woman's look we can get through this with faith and awareness.
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