Kathleen Janis

Being Brave is Being Human

"Being Brave is Being Human" was made to acknowledge all the variety of losses people are experiencing--jobs, relationships, loved ones, social connectivity, etc. I want to spread awareness that it's Okay to be sad or scared. That it doesn't make person weak, but allows connection to happen, which we are all in lack of right now. One of the things I have encountered when people are expressing difficult emotions is being met with competitive remarks like, "just being grateful" "don't worry about it", or, "Its all just a hoax!." I'm not arguing for negativity or pessimism, but there is something to be said about allowing our humanness to show- That we can be scared, vulnerable, and not have it all together. I have always experienced the strength of a group in the shared experience of our weaknesses rather than our success. I think it is in that space we can be real, honest, and connect with one another. Connection is healing. And that is where our strength is... Having the courage to be authentic, vulnerable, and walk in uncertainty together.
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