Katerina Kan

“Discovery Channel”

This oil painting (part of a series), completed during the corona virus self-isolation period portray the superimposition of my fantastical bunny character into various TV legends, such as Discovery Channel, « Gossip Girl » and the notorious MTV. Thus, I’m transcending the limitations of mental health, depression gender, age and identity through creating an avatar for myself, which can place itself into different narrative scenarios. The watercolour works present dreamscapes, which I dreamt about during my residency with Nes in North Western Iceland this January in an attempt to centre myself psychologically and to regain belief in my imagination as well as dealing with dark states of mind. As explained by esoteric practitioner, Neville Goddard, « Imagining creates reality. » These paintings follow this basic law of nature, whereby I am painting what I would like to visualise in my own life. LARP is a practice called live action role play, where similarly to method acting we can disguise ourself inside and outside into any character imagined or real, which we would like to inhabit. This practice is deeply therapeutic and benefiting in all ways if done properly and correctly. I have engaged in a virtual relationship with post-internet artist, Ed Fornieles, last year, using this very technique, resulting in a video shown at ICA London and a different series of drawings.
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