Jissel Estrada Puga

Do it for us

This piece is meant to empower the act of staying home in such a crucial and stressful time. In the piece I have two silhouettes of essential workers in face masks, on the left there is a figure of a woman who is a nurse, and on the right I have a figure of a man who is a grocery store worker. I wanted to highlight them because they are being put in the most danger right now. They are risking their lives everyday to better our community which takes a lot of selflessness that should be recognized. In bold letters I have the words "STAY HOME" this is to further instill the message of staying home to reduce the spread of the virus. In the background I have the words “Do it for us” in 22 different languages (so it could be understood worldwide), this is speaking from the essential workers to us saying stay home for those who cannot. Although we are living through stressful times right now we can get through this if we stay united worldwide.
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