Cassidy Wong

Don’t blame the people…

Recently, because of the coronavirus originating in China, angered people have been taking it out on Chinese or Asian people. Many articles have been about Chinese or "Chinese looking" people walking around with their masks, going to the grocery stores, getting their essential items, and will be beat up and harassed. Many hate crimes have been happening towards the asian community.This brought so much pain to me because after all the years of abuse, hate, and prejudice towards Asians, it is being brought back up even more. Chinatown, NY is a place where the Chinese culture can be shared with people all around America and all around the world. It is something that contributes to our "melting pot" society and shows how our nation is a community. It is on the poster to remind us of what we should be doing and how we should be acting towards one another. America should not be blaming certain people for a virus and instead we should be working together to save our society.
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