Aishwarya Joshi

Embrace the cage

This is about a girl who mostly passed her time enjoying the breezy weather and the comforting shade of the trees. But one find day, she comes to know shockingly that she needs to protect herself from this virus which is like a predator, menacing around the world. She could not afford to freely move where ever she wanted to, staying at home, being indoors was the only respite. For her it was like getting trapped in a suffocating cage. She knew she had to be there, feeling stuck and helpless.There was just no other way out . But as time elapsed, she managed to build her own space in that limiting cage, filling it up with things she loved to do. Trying and failing with new things and also finding a chance to revisit her old hobbies and dusted old books which was clearly forgotten, exercising her muscles again to revitalize them, making her feel slightly better, better enough to be free again while she was in the limiting cage. She hopes you embrace your cage as well.
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