Athira Akkara

C O N N E C T E D (Design Fights Covid)

This pandemic has been particularly stressful and tough for the elderly. Due to social distancing practices, they have been living in isolation, away from loved ones, putting them at a greater risk of anxiety and depression. During these times, it is extremely important that family members realise the importance of constantly keeping in touch with the elders of their family. My artwork is a depiction of the emotional state of the elderly who are living in isolation. Here I am trying to emphasise on the importance of connecting with them (Via phone or video calls) and lifting their spirits high during these lonely times. The use of a cup & string phone is to give a visual idea about the distance, it also reminds us of the child-like nature of older adults (which also makes them more susceptible to anxiety and loneliness when in isolation). It is a reminder that no amount of distance should stop us from being emotionally available for them.
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