Cecilia Diefenbach

empty thoughts

Empty thoughts. Thoughts are turning and returning day by day. The only thing that never stops, that doesnt take a break: Happy thoughts. Sad thoughts. Worried thoughts. Anxious thoughts. Joyful thoughts. But then there is a grey day, the sun doesn’t shine, it is cold outside and you feel so weak and tired as you had run a marathon. Yes it is indeed a marathon, a marathon of thoughts in our brain. You have the feeling that your thoughts are now being sucked in by a dark cloud. You sit there hours and hours, wishing for the energy to come back, wishing for a hint of inspiration which pushes you towards a new lifeforce. But the thoughts are white, blank and empty. The watercolor mixture of your inner world that you felt the day before is gone , like an ereaser wich canceled it over night. Your body feels heavy and grey as back into the days, when you were drained of the stressful , hectic lifestyle . The watercolours, which once expanded throughout your body, are now simply hanging in front of you, in an empty cartoon box of organic wine. Wine- Which helps to cheer up sometimes. The satisfaction to taste the intense grapes, appreciate them, letting them flow on your tongue, through your chest and back up to the brain. You feel a little fresh inebration of drug lightness- you decide to better leave the productivity for another day. You look into the cartoon and think, it will stay there, I’ll go back to it when my fingers start to tingle again. But for know, I prefer to fly on my own , empty and melancholic cloud. To dream and to be lazy. Because tomorrow is a new day. And to be lazy and melancholic sometimes is more than ok. Because this is the key to understand appreciation and continue creation.
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