Charlotte Dora Rollert

En la calamidad

At the centre sits a painting of mine, "Antidote" (acrylic on linen 24x45" in person). The inspiration came from the pandemic itself: this dark swallowing virus that looms in the recesses of the mind, with all this beautiful potential for change and growth. My daughter was born in September 2019, and her name is Forsythia, after the wildflower. The flower represents anticipation, a truly embodying emotion for time spent in confinement. As such the flower is painted here, along with a Madonna and Child, a nod to the unrelenting resilience of mothering in times of adversity. A quote from Gabriel García Marquéz’s “Love in the Time of Cholera” came to mind: “el amor se hace más grande y noble en la calamidad/love becomes bigger and nobler in calamity.” I created this digital composition with hand written and vectorized text.
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