Karen Ihrig

Explore Stillness Within

In this period of isolation and quietude, we are collectively in a process of unraveling our inner world. The depths of our emotions and life history are typically buried under productivity, distraction, and avoidance, which our society propagates and demands of us. Now in quarantine, it is natural for our unresolved wounds to rise to the surface of our consciousness to be healed, while our distractions from ourselves diminish. Healing is not linear and takes bravery. Healing is holding space for yourself with compassion and unconditional acceptance, when your instinct is to numb and distract. It is having the courage to explore your inner landscape, bear witness your wounds, and care kindly to what surfaces. Healing is exploring moments of stillness and harmony among the pain and uncertainty. This inner harmony already exists within you, at your core, infinitely. Making space for our inner stillness is building collective resilience to weather this storm together.
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