Florim Hashani

Faith is necessary to victory

Design is communication. Consequently, communication is the generator that pushes forward the transmission of the message from the artist to the public / audience. Without a proper communication and message, the work of art can not be considered accomplished and in most cases it ends up floating in space; Without any definite purpose. The poster I have been trying to unfold includes the human-vaccine-virus trinomial. So, the three main components of the designed work, are also related to the concept and the call required by the applicants of this competition. In the first place, the poster is crafted in minimal style, reducing the color palette to primary and secondary ones. There is a balanced space and composition. At the bottom of the poster, the symbol of the corona virus can be seen, extending like the apex associated with a victory sign in both sides like ā€œVā€ letter. On one side of it is a bunch of people who are between a chaos and fear for the vaccine, while on the other side is the vaccine that figuratively awaits its recipients
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