Sefira Lightstone

Faith Over Fear

Faith over fear. I’ve been practicing ways to expand my faith and quiet my fears. Playing with my daughter more, finding more ways to laugh, eating more chocolate, going for a walk, listening to the right song - are all different tools I use when I need some deep faith to lean on. Despite all the sadness around us, there is so much good happening. Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff are giving themselves fully over to this war zone. Strapping on shoddy medical gear and working around the clock to save lives. People are turning towards the internet to share hope in new ways not explored. Musicians playing live music. Teachers sharing lesson plans. Artists giving art. Bloggers collaborating to give to those who need it. Celebrities donating money for research and health. This disaster has put a weight on the world so heavy, we have no choice but to rise up together unanimously in strength to overcome. We can do this you guys, keep doing your part. Stay at home. Limit your exposure in the world. Save lives. We got this.
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