Andrea CaƱizares-Fernandez

Fast Fashion Kills

Shein is one of the largest fast-fashion brands, having been popularized on TikTok for providing the latest clothing trends at unbeatable prices. Yet despite the low prices, the cost is extremely high. Shein is notorious for exploiting its workers (conditions so bad that "help me" messages reportedly found on the labels of customer clothing), stealing the designs of clothing brands & designers, offensive images (including a phone case with an image of a handcuffed Black man outlined in chalk and a Swastika necklace), using hazardous chemicals & toxic materials in their clothing (for example, selling toddlers' jackets that contained ~20 times the amount of lead permitted under safety regulations), polluting the air, and significantly contributing to landfills -- due to the extreme low-quality of the products, people are quick to dispose of them, exacerbating the textile waste problem. Shein is known to produce more than 6.3 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. We must hold this corporate killer responsible.
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