Molly Strong


Many of us are experiencing a range of emotions during this time of uncertainty. I created this positive symbol to remind ourselves to embrace and acknowledge all sides of our emotions. I chose to modify the Yin and Yang symbol as it embodies unity, harmony and balance. I translated this message by replacing the small inner circles with hearts, representing the necessary communication between different emotions. I wanted to encourage people to be brave and let themselves feel. This image is comforting, as it is an example for us to use our feelings as a guide to understanding. I believe this symbol presents us with an opportunity to see the light in the dark, find the balance within and provide us with a new perspective for our world, both now and in the future. 'Feel' was written in calming, connected, and rounded letters to carry out the overall theme of expressing emotions, while being displayed in a light color that represents Yang: the action. Lastly, I rounded the inside corners of the poster to give a softer look to this work for a lasting vibe of kindness.
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