Mel Trad


concrete, bronze leaf, aluminum leaf, acrylic paint 1.16 METER DIAMETER, 30 CM DEPTH, 2020 CENTRO MÉDICO MAZUNTE OAXACA, MÉXICO This project is made possible by the vision of Doctor Josué Gutiérrez Contreras who is developing a holistic health center in addition to his current medicine practice operating out of a building he designed and constructed in 2019; Centro Médico Mazunte. In the center of the front of the building, southwestern exposure to Mexican Federal Highway 175 in Mazunte, Oaxaca, is a large, grey, concrete inset circle which Josué included in the architectural design. This element of the structure remained unfinished since its construction and has now become the location of ‘Fénix Ometeotl’, the public and permanent, site specific installation signaling the onset of new practices to the context of traditional health care and urgent response care in Oaxaca. ‘Fénix Ometeotl’ in final form takes its name from two sources. ‘Omeoteotl’ native Nahuatl for ‘ome’ = two, and ‘teotl’ = energy, as in the duality of the two creative forces that are believed to have fueled the origins of the universe and our solar system (linking to the The Big Bang Theory). ‘Fénix’ = phoenix, which is Greek, φοῖνιξ , connecting to the energetic, red coral motion of the abstract gestures that articulate the piece, also with a resonance to Quetzalcoatl as both dragon and phoenix. In an engineering light, this installation is a pivotal project as I developed a new way of working directly on pre-existing architectural elements, inventing a technique that expands my practice of hand-poured concrete wall works into larger formats working directly on site. ‘Fénix Ometeotl’ is the first weatherproof and enduring piece of its kind, completed in January 2020.
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