Samantha Zaruba

Find Your Joy

This is part of my quarantine diaries series - I’ve been collaging journal entries, writing it out on the back and mailing it to friends in isolation to brighten their day. I found old pages of a Peter Max book and pharmaceutical magazines in my collage stash which is where this came from. I reimagined the structure of the Max piece so that the figure was walking towards the bright joyful “mountains”. “Saves Most Lives” means many things to me. That, the hand holding the needle and Antitoxin come from a 1906 pharmaceutical magazine for Mulfords Antoxin. Creating small easy to complete projects has been saving my life. Finding joy in rollerblading, my yard, etc has been saving my life. Saves Most Lives is also about public health - in two opposing ways. It infuriates me to see unmasked hordes of people when I’m out buying groceries. It’s also about reopening too soon and the economic calls to do so. We face a very real economic crisis on the one hand and on the other, it’s been very disturbing to see people (especially those in power) calling to “sacrifice the weak.” If this is selected, I am happy to make some digital adjustments to the imperfections of the collage such as straightening the text.
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