Eliza Zimmermann

For a future together

This artwork calls attention to the similar trades of two deadly threats we are facing simultaneously. Covid-19 puts everybody's life at risk. Especially that of those who are elderly, ill, suffer from poverty and famine. We take measures on an unprecedented scale to prevent the spread, to save lives. Economies grind to a halt; borders are closed; people are locked in their home. On the other hand, to save the lives of our successors, we are only postponing decisions on every level. This poster is a call for everybody to act responsibly for our future. It is a call for leaders to make sustainable development a priority; to curfew the fossil industry and limit CO2 emission. It is a call for everyone to make the change one can in their own life. We are willing to work from home, travel less, cancel a holiday, shop local, bike instead of public transport to save our grandparents. We must act with the same determination to keep the Earth livable for our grandchildren at all. It is time to act responsibly for a future together.
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