Forgotten Memory

April 2, 2020, in Bassano we are all locked in the house. Miki sends me the contest link in DM. I close Instagram and start watching the news. In Italy it is a disaster, the army vans carrying dead bodies, desperate families, children who will never see their parents again. An expert on TV tells about the difficulties in the world after the advent of COVID-19. I think of the people who are in the front line to defeat this virus and to bring everything back to normal, I think of the doctors, nurses, workers, I think of their strength, I think of their bruises, which once cured will remain present in their mind for lifetime. I wish that once everything was over, we would not forget those who put their lives at risk to save us. I wanted to represent these heroes with the eyes of Michelangelo's David, when he is preparing to face Golia. The proud and concentrated gaze is turned to the enemy. Don't forget.
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